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Staging your home for photos & selling

Staging your home for photos and showing

Over the last 20 years, I have been in hundreds of homes to take pictures.  Here are a few suggestions to prepare for your photo session:

De-clutter, and clean clean clean … there is clean, then there is clean for SALE. You are going to have to box things up once you sell, so why not do it before you post your home for sale online.  Box up everything that doesn’t need to be out.  Some people choose one room for the boxes that won’t be in the photos. Once everything is put away, clean, clean and clean. If everything looks sterile and uninviting, don’t worry – you can always bring a few things back out once photos are taken. Digital photos require some pops of colour to add interest to the photo. So add a cushion, or a colourful flower, or something to the picture for balance. Remove everything from the counters in the kitchen, everything posted on the fridge, clean it all up, and then you can add items back.

De-personalize as much as possible

Once you decide to sell your home, you need to start thinking that the home is no longer yours. It belongs to someone else, you’re just not sure who yet, so try to de-personalize the home as much as possible. Take down family pictures, and get them ready to move to your next home. Remove anything that only has meaning to you, and de-clutter as much as possible.

Go through every room, boxing up everything that isn’t essential. In the bedrooms, that includes under the bed. In the bathrooms, nothing on the counters. In a toy room, leave out the colorful toys, but clean up the mess. Don’t forget the yard. Put away shovels, rakes, bins, hoses, etc.  Every photo counts when you are marketing your home.

Once you have everything de-cluttered and clean, take a good look – you may need fresh paint in some areas. Maybe fresh curtains?  Maybe no curtains. You want every room to look clean and inviting.

If doing every room isn’t feasible because you want to get on the market as soon as possible, then choose the rooms you will have photographed. Kitchen & bathrooms are important pictures. So start with those. Living room and dining room.  Bedrooms are optional.

Keep it in Ready-to-Show Condition

Make sure your home is ready for sale before you start the selling process, and make sure it is ready to impress when buyers come to view it!

Don’t hesitate to call us if you want more tips, or have any questions.



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