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First, let us say that has never been an anti-agent website. We recognize that, for a variety of reasons, many people do need a Real Estate Agent to help them sell their homes, but we also believe that many people are in a position where they could sell their homes or properties themselves. We want to provide those people with the advertising and tools to help make that possible.

Often, people are surprised by how easy and uncomplicated the process of selling their home  is.

Here are some of the advantages of selling privately.

1.  You are in control of the process

When you sell privately, you are in control of the process. One of the complaints we hear a lot from people who have tried selling with a real estate agent is that they were kind of in-the-dark about what was going on with their sale. They didn’t know how many people were contacting the agent, they couldn’t arrange showings on their own, and they often went days or even weeks without hearing anything about their sale.

When you sell privately, you can arrange showings and open houses whenever you want, and you’ll know exactly what kind of response you are getting, because you will be getting the calls and emails yourself.

2. You get to meet the buyer

For some reason, the real estate industry doesn’t want sellers and buyers to meet each other, but we think there is no one better qualified to show your home or property to potential buyers than you. You know the property better than anyone else, so why not show it off yourselves. You will get to see for yourself how many buyers there are, and how they respond, rather than asking a third party for that information. And once you do have a deal, it’s nice to have met the people who are going to be moving into your home, or taking over your property. Sometimes, they even become future friends.

3. It is less complicated

When you sell using a real estate agent, it can be a pretty complicated process. You’ll have to sign quite a few documents, but they all deal with your relationship with the agent, not with actually selling a property. Then, you have to wait for the agent to arrange showings or open houses, and you have to leave your home every time someone wants to see it.

If you sell privately, you can deal with buyers directly, and arrange showings or open houses at times that work for you.  You can negotiate with the buyer verbally. Once an agreement is reached, you put it in writing on one easy-to-use form, and take it to a lawyer. No contracts, no commissions, and the lawyer will look after the rest.

4. It is empowering

The Real Estate Industry has done a pretty good job of convincing people that selling a property is a really complicated process, but in reality, it is the same as selling anything else. The only difference with selling a property is that you need a lawyer to make sure you get your money, and the buyer gets the Title. But you need that if you use a Real Estate Agent too.

You’ll be surprised how easy and uncomplicated selling a property actually is once you try it on your own, and you’ll be amazed by how empowering the process is as well.

5. You can save money

Selling privately can save you a lot of money. Commissions charged by Real Estate Agents vary, and they are negotiable, but any time you use a third party to sell anything, you need to pay them for their services.

In Saskatchewan, the typical Real Estate Commission on the sale of a property with 2 agents involved is 6% on the first $100,000 of the sale, 4 % on the second $100,000, and 2 % on everything after that. Plus GST & PST. So on the sale of a $400,000 property, the typical commission would be about $15,540. That’s a lot of money that could go towards the downpayment of your next home, or anything else you might want to use it for.

When you sell privately, there are no commissions to pay after selling your home, so you get to keep all of the proceeds of the sale of your home.

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