The power of social media

When you list your property for sale on, you are also advertising it on facebook, twitter, and instagram. We have spent more than a decade building up our social media followers, and the impact of those social media posts sets us apart from our competitors. Check out some recent social media posts that have resulted in thousands of views for sellers.

If you get your friends to share your posts with their social media friends, people will start commenting…it can generate many thousands of additional views, and potential buyers for your listing.

Check out this Facebook post for a home listed in Saskatoon’s Silverwood Heights neighbourhood.

In just 3 days, the post had been viewed by more than 115,000 people! That’s a lot of potential buyers, and people who might know someone who is looking for a home.


You also have the option to “boost” your listing through our Facebook business account. Choose your audience, budget, and how long you want to run the campaign. Call us if you’d like more information. We normally suggest starting with a $20 boost over 4 days. 

Facebook post also offers professional photography at a price that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

First impressions are so important, and having great pictures can make a big difference in showcasing your property.

That’s why we recommend sellers take advantage of our photography special whenever they can.

Professional photography includes:

  1. 20-50 interior / exterior photos
  2. Images from multiple camera lenses
  3. HDR image blending
  4. Colour correction
  5. Sky replacement on cloudy days
  6. Fire added to fireplaces

Professional Photography with Virtual Staging @ $50 per room

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