After 24 years in business, we know what works best to sell your house. Here are a few things that set us apart:

If you’ve never done it before, selling your home privately can seem overwhelming. When you list with us, we are here for you 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you have during the sale! We assure you that with the proper guidance, selling privately is easier than you think!

Every listing comes with all of the legal documents you need, prepared by a Lawyer. Documents include an Offer to Purchase, Counter Offer, Removal of Conditions, and Amendment forms!

Every listing that is published on our site gets posted to our social media pages with thousands of followers.  The power of Facebook & Instagram is incredible, and often our posts reach 50,000 + views!

At, we believe in pricing transparency. You only pay one affordable, flat rate fee when you post your listing. You don’t owe us anything when you sell! 

Every listing includes a lawn sign, stand, and SOLD stickers! These signs let people passing by know the house is for sale and where to find it online. Many of our listings have sold by someone driving or walking by and seeing the lawn sign! sees thousands of views everyday from serious home buyers all over Saskatchewan! We put serious time and money into promoting our site to ensure that your listing gets put in front of the right audience!

Open houses can be a vital part of selling your home, particularly in a slower market. We offer FREE open house advertising on our website and social media pages! To go with this, we also have free printable feature sheets that you can print off and hand out during your open house.

We have all of the connections you’ll need! Whether you need a Lawyer, or your buyer is looking for a Mortgage Broker or Home Inspector, we know the best ones around! Just ask us!

All of our sellers receive a comprehensive guide to selling privately. We explain everything you need to know – from creating your listing to the final walk through! has teamed up with a local real estate agent, which offers you the option to also have your listing published onto* commission free!  We are thrilled to offer this new service for our customers, and have been seeing great success with it!

Our Packages

Relax – We’re Experts At This!

Listings valid for 6 months from date of purchase

**Typical real estate agent commission in Saskatchewan on a $500,000 sale using 6%/4%/2% commission structure


Why Post on*? is now teamed up with a local real estate agent, which offers you the ability to publish your ad onto*, Canada’s most popular real estate website.  Our packages offer incredible value, and this is one of the most affordable ways to access*. We strive to provide you with every tool that you’ll need to be successful in the sale of your home, and this is a big one! And, as always, you only pay one flat fee – no commission is due at time of sale!

How Does it Work?

If you choose one of our packages that offers* posting, simply proceed through the checkout, and create your ad on Once complete, the   real estate agent that we work with will be in contact with you to begin the process. You will sign a few legal documents, and the agent will do all the work of posting your ad onto*! Once your ad is posted, all messages and calls will be directed to you! After all, who knows your home better than you!?

* REALTOR® and MLS® are registered trademarks of the Canadian Realtors Association (CREA). is not affiliated with CREA, is not an authorized licensee of the REALTOR® or MLS® marks, and does not have access to the multiple listing service located at  “” is a website owned and operated by CREA. All listings placed on will be facilitated by an agreement between you and a real estate agent licensed by CREA to have access to and MLS®.

Professional Photography

This is one of the best things you can do to get more interest in your listing! Clean, clear, professional photos can make a HUGE difference in the appearance and success of your listing.  We strongly recommend this option if you are not comfortable with a camera! If you select a package with this option, simply go through the process of creating your ad (you will have to upload 1 ‘Placeholder’ photo), and in the ‘Private Notes’ text box at the end mention any dates/times that would work best, and we will set everything up! 

For an extra fee, Professional Photography is also available with the ‘Saskhouses Special’ package, just mention it in the ‘Private Notes’ text box while creating your ad, and we will handle the rest!

Professional photography is offered in Saskatoon & Regina, with a $0.62/km charge for mileage outside of city limits.

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