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Upgrade your existing ‘Saskhouses Special’ listing! We are partnered with a local real estate agent who will send you an email with some documents to sign, and then they will take all of your listing information off of saskhouses.com and transfer it to realtor.ca*! Your listing will also be extended for 1 full year, and you will get a 2 week featured listing on saskhouses.com!

*REALTOR® and MLS® are registered trademarks of the Canadian Realtors Association (CREA).  Saskhouses.com is not affiliated with CREA, is not an authorized licensee of the REALTOR® or MLS® marks, and does not have access to the multiple listing service located at realtor.ca.  “realtor.ca” is a website owned and operated by CREA. All listings placed on realtor.ca will be facilitated by an agreement between you and a real estate agent licensed by CREA to have access to realtor.ca and MLS®.

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