Why saskhouses.com?
Because saskhouses.com works! We've been helping to connect Saskatchewan private buyers and sellers since 1999, and have helped thousands of Saskatchewan people sell their properties privately & commission-free!
Why saskhouses.com?
Because we give you everything you need to sell your home privately & commission-free - great internet advertising, a lawn sign, social media marketing, and as much support as we can provide without actually being involved in your sale.
Why saskhouses.com?
Because you can save a lot of money! Instead of paying a real estate agent 15 or 20 thousand dollars to market your home, why not market it yourself for a small fraction of that price? Right now a listing on saskhouses.com is just $149.95 plus GST
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What sets us apart?

Our experience, and our customer service!
  • saskhouses.com works!
  • We are focused on Saskatchewan
  • We provide everything you need to sell privately & commission-free
  • We've helped thousands of Saskatchewan people successfully sell their homes privately
  • We've been helping to connect Saskatchewan buyers and sellers since 1999 - more than 23 years! 
  • We aren't trying to be the be-all website for everyone, everywhere - we are focused on helping people here
  • We are here for you. Unlike competitors, we are available 24/7 for support and questions - contact us anytime by phone, email, or text!
  • We use the power of social media to promote your listing
save $$!

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Benefits of selling privately

You can save a lot of money
The typical real estate commission in Saskatchewan on a property sale of $400,000, including GST & PST, is more than $15,000. You can keep that money for yourself when you sell your property privately & commission-free
You are in control of the process
When you sell your home privately, you don't have to wonder if anything is going on with your sale. You will know because buyers will contact you directly, and you won't have to deal through third parties
You get to meet the buyer
When you sell your property privately, you actually get to meet the buyers who are interested in your property. When a real estate agent is handling your sale, you don't get to meet the buyers, or show them your property and answer any questions they might have about it. And who knows your property better than you?
It's empowering
The real estate industry has done a pretty good job of convincing people that only a real estate agent is capable of selling a person's home or property, but that simply isn't true. Selling your own property privately is not a complicated process. And there is a very good chance you will find the process empowering
It's safe
When you sell your home privately, all you need to do is find a buyer, and agree with them on a selling price, and the conditions of the sale. Once you have done that, your lawyer, and the buyer's lawyer, will make sure that you receive your money, and the buyer receives their property (exactly the same as if agents were involved)
It's less complicated
When you sell your home with an agent, you are always dealing through 3rd parties. You have to leave your home anytime there is a showing, or an open house, and there are contracts with the agent that place restrictions on what you can & can't do.
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Saskhouses is an excellent way to sell your home! Dale and Susanne have extremely helpful tips and advice to sell your home and provide realistic expectations of the process.
by Mike
I had a wonderful experience using Saskhouses.com. Obviously, it was wonderful as I sold my home. I found the information online very helpful and well laid out and the online program (once I learned how to navigate) quite easy. Loved the insight feature! Very cost effective to buy the listing for 6 months rather than pay a realtor. Dale and Susanne were so helpful with anything I needed and were super quick to respond and make suggestions. I find the realtor industry really does a good job of making people feel they need to have a realtor, however truthfully, we don’t.
by Allisha
Saskhouses is an excellent way to sell your home! Dale & Susanne have extremely helpful tips & advice to sell your home and provide realistic expectations of the process.
by Mike
Dale and Susanne are truly amazing! They went above and beyond for me multiple times during the selling process. I would use the site again in a heartbeat. Dale and Susanne made this a very pleasant, rewarding experience and I sincerely appreciate everything they did. Might I add that my unit sold over THREE others listed on MLS.
by Lisa
Our property ended up selling because a local resident drove by the house and saw the For Sale sign, phoned us, and discussions began. It WAS a saskhouses.com sign he saw! We were very happy with the service provided and the interest shown us by Dale and Susanne at saskhouses.com. (This included regular updates and emails re: our progress.) Good value for money spent!
by Randy
We listed on Kijiji first but showings were slow. Once we put our home on Saskhouses, we had showings non stop. I also always received replies to any questions quickly. The sign we were provided also drew a lot of attention as well. The owners of the site were very helpful and friendly.
by Gloria
This is the third time I have used Saskhouses.com to sell a home. Dale and Susanne are always available to provide help for (old) folks like me that may not always use websites. This was our quickest sale. Thank you!
by Phyllis
They took great pictures of our home, easy to deal with, and we sold our home in two weeks. Give it a try, you cant go wrong!
by Wayne
This was my first time selling my home without a Realtor. It was straight forward and easy. My home sold in 8 days! I’m so glad this gave me the opportunity to save even more money.
by Beverley
We used Saskhouses to sell our home. They were great and even went to the house and did a drone video of the property. That was a great asset to our listing. This is the third time we used them and will do it again.
by Murray

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