Benefits of buying your next home privately

You are in control of the process
When you buy a home or a property privately, you are in control of the process. Most buyers are already looking for houses on their own. Once you find a home you like, why not make an offer yourself, rather than involving a 3rd party?
You get to meet the seller
For some reason, the Real Estate Industry does not want sellers and buyers to meet. But meeting the seller can often give you a good idea of how well the home has been cared for, and when you buy privately, you do get to meet the seller. The seller can provide information about their home that a third party agent might not have.
You can save money
People who sell their homes with a real estate agent will typically pay about 5 percent of the sale price in commissions to the agent or agents involved. If no agent is involved, that means the seller should have a little more wiggle room with their price, which could end up saving you money
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